To Know More About Advanced Braking Technology

To Know More About Advanced Braking Technology

About Advanced Braking Technology Limited. Advanced Braking Technology Limited (ABT Limited), also known as Advanced Braking Technology Limited, is an Australia based company engaged in the manufacture, development, research and commercialization of the Sealed Interlock Braking System (SIBRS) braking mechanism, primarily in Australia and through worldwide distribution arrangements. The company was established in 1985 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It caters to the needs of manufacturing and design companies and those involved in the automotive industry. It offers a complete range of products, all of which are developed in close collaboration with ABT.

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One of the major contributions of ABT Limited to the automotive industry is its involvement in developing advanced braking technology for the use on public roads. The system is particularly important for vehicle stability control while parking. This has been made possible through the use of computer controlled brake system. The system is capable of applying breaks automatically depending upon the speed of the driving wheel. Apart from this, the technology helps in the effective deployment of breaks when vehicles are stopped abruptly. It also helps in preventing the occurrence of side damages and the consequent safety risks.

The braking system applies breaks to both the front and rear brakes. As such, the vehicles used by drivers while driving will be able to reduce the chance of brake failure. These brake systems come in two modes namely the passive and active braking system. In the passive system, the driver will have to manually control the braking system. The active braking system on the other hand, allows the vehicles to respond to brakes being applied automatically irrespective of the drivers’ manual dexterity.

Another important contribution made by ABT Limited to the automotive sector is in their research and development of energy regeneration systems. This includes solar heat systems, supercapacitors and superconducting batteries. ABT Limited also contributed towards the successful implementation of advanced braking technologies. They have successfully developed and patented the supervisory control and data acquisition system using the method of linearity and redundancy.

A number of leading automobile manufacturers are now incorporating ABT’s advanced braking systems into their vehicles. These include General Motors, Toyota and Honda. As these vehicles are used on public highways, it is mandatory for them to meet certain minimum braking system standards. In fact, these regulations were imposed by local, state and federal governments. In addition, these regulations are necessary in order to maintain the safe operation of civil construction vehicles on public highways.

As part of the overall engineering solutions provided by ABT, they have also taken up development of heavy-duty ribs for mining trucks and dump trucks. The heavy-duty sibs of ABT are specifically designed to meet the requirements of heavy-duty trucks that are involved in transporting earth and materials. These bibs are made from materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. ABT mining brakes and truck sibs are indispensable in the transportation industry.